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Bespoke Bass String

 Replacement service

Replacement Sets.

Sets are made from a rubbing and patterns

sets from £280 + pp NO VAT

I will e-mail you to let you know if all of the information was correct.

No other action will be taken and YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED.

Contact Us Click here for more information on making a rubbing 
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Single Covered Strings (Note 1 -13) £13 per string

Single Covered Strings (Note 14 up) £15 per string

Double Covered £18 per string : Triple Covered £22 per string


Brroadwood Type Strings: Single Covered £16.50 per string

Double Covered £20.50 per string

All plus package and postage NO VAT


Payment Method

Existing Customers will be invoiced in the usual way.

New Customers. Please choose on the order page to

 Pay by BACS or Check

Odd strings individually made to order.

Full instructions are given on the order page.

Click ‘Try Now’ have a look and see how easy it is.

If you wish to have a dummy run then fill in the order form and type “Trial” in the ‘Additional Information’ Box

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